Career Opportunities in this Jobless World

Nowadays employment is not an easy hunt. More and more fresh graduates are coming every year, yet more and more jobs are dissolved. There are already an account of thousands or even millions of people without job all around the world.

They say that it depends on the person on how he handle his ability to help him earn money. Well, its true.

There are still companies that are hiring many people to work for them. One of these is call center companies which are on mass hiring. There are companies that hires medical transcriptionist, online contributor, etc... it is just a matter of widening your horizon which you thought is beyond your career path.

Now I am trying to monetize my blog. As a student, I think its a better move that even this early I can earn money even for a few dollars or so.

More and more advertisers go online and buy reviews because it is hassle free and does not cost much compared to usual advertising methods. Blog monetizing can be in different gimmicks, depending on the advertiser. is an online advertising company that accepts advertisers who wants reviews and bloggers who  wants to write reviews. So basically they buy blog links from blogger who signed up to write reviews.

Blog advertising is a very powerful tool to spread information and for bloggers to earn money.


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