Enrollment Delima: Crowd Control

It is almost every year and every semester students complain on sluggish enrollment system. Even if they go to school early to catch the first spot of the process, they still end up scratching their head due to the management's poor system.

I even noticed my house-mate leaving the house early in the morning just to enroll, but she told me there was already a lengthy line to the University's registrar. And unfortunately, she didn't even made it that day and she went again the next early morning.

As for me our school only have a few hundreds of students.

I don't know if this only happens here in our country.

Well, we can't blame the students trying to enroll into a School. So maybe we can enhance the crowd control, in this way we can keep the people at ease in waiting for their turn. Or we can use a few equipments or materials to keep the people organize especially in lines. We can use stanchions which are retractable belts or velvet ropes that help people be guided in forming a line.


I have also noticed parking spaces, parking lots, and traffic going heavy during these times, and so I suggest that the traffic enforcers may use fence barricades, traffic cones and new system for a smooth traffic flow.

For the students like me, we should be patient and keep away from too much crowd specially if no crowd control is around for our own safety.


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