Kick Ass Movie Review

So okay this is not the new movie in town but I just had the chance last night to watch it over the net.

Kick Ass movie surprised me with those unbelievable scenes. I mean it was hardcore violence and stabbing and fighting by a superhero kid. But I liked it, it was super worth my time waiting for the buffing to complete.
At Frank D'Amico's headquarters, his men are on double alert waiting for Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl. At the lobby, the first guards are idly standing on duty when Mindy knocks at the front door, dressed in a school girl outfit. The doorman and guards, having never seen Mindy's face before, open the door to let her in. She tearfully says she can't find her parents. The doorman offers her his phone so she can call them. Suddenly the doorman starts to turn around and the guards see the little girl is thrusting the barrel of a big handgun right into the doorman's mouth. Mindy takes them all out easily.
Mindy arrives at the penthouse floor back in her Hit-Girl guise. Fighting with speed and stealth, she starts taking out more of D'Amico's men. When she runs out of bullets, one guard tries to advance and is taken out with knives. The large thug runs to get a bazooka, to the shock and disgust of both Frank and Chris. The other thugs keep Hit-GIrl pinned down behind a counter, knowing she is out of ammunition but all too scared to charge in. The large thug is about to fire the bazooka when there is the sound of a machine. They turn and look out the window to see Kick-Ass outside with a rocket-pack strapped to his back, enabling him to fly. Two helicopter miniguns protrude from the pack over his shoulders, and he wipes out the rest of the guards.

Frank and Chris, in Frank's office, hear the final sounds of the fire fight and think that the thugs were successful. But it is Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass that barge through the door, ready for the final showdown. Frank orders Chris to take on Kick-Ass. Chris is disgusted but rushes into battle. Frank squares off against Hit-Girl.

Kick-Ass and Chris (Red Mist) fight in the dojo. They knock each other out cold, both falling to the floor. Hit-Girl battles Frank ferociously, but in the leader of the D'Amico syndicate, Hit-Girl has finally met her superior. Frank becomes increasingly more ruthless, beating her to a pulp and slamming her through a coffee table. He retrieves his gun and prepares to kill Hit-Girl, when suddenly he hears Kick-Ass suggesitng he pick on someone his own size. Frank redirects his gun, but Kick-Ass is holding the bazooka. He fires, and the rocket propels Frank through the window and he is wiped out.

Chris comes to and draws a katana (samurai sword), looking for a rematch, but finds Kick-Ass activating the rocket pack and flying off with Hit-Girl. The two land on a distant rooftop where Kick-Ass unstraps the pack and sets both Hit-Girl and the pack down. Hit-Girl thanks him for the help, saying Big Daddy would be proud of them both. Kick-Ass takes off his mask and tells her his real name, Dave Lizewski. Hit-Girl finally consents to the gesture and takes off her wig and mask, showing him her face, and telling him her true name, Mindy MacReady. They shake hands and look toward the horizon.

A voiceover from Dave begins as we see that Marcus has resumed guardianship of Mindy, and she now lives with him and is enrolled at Dave's school, on the promise that he'd look out for her... not that she'd need it, as Dave says, and we watch an amusing scene where two school bullies try to shake the "new kid" down for her lunch money, and she smiles and cracks her knuckes. Dave's voiceover continues as we see him and his friends at a coffee shop, and that "Kick-Ass" has become a cultural sensation with a comic strip, though as Dave says, he is now retired from crime-fighting... there are a whole new wave of inspired people following in his footsteps.

Cut to Frank D'Amico's office where we see one who is equally determined to bring the new "super-heroes" down... Chris, as the new Red Mist, with a revamped costume and donning a super-villain mask. He aims his gun at the camera and fires, and the screen goes blank and the credits roll.-imdb


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