Epic Weekend at Portofino Resort, Cebu

The Plan

After the Gastrointestinal Exam, at noon, the third floor people planned on having our second termination party at Portofino beach resort somewhere in Lapu-Lapu City. And an overnight bonding at someone's house.

Commuting to Portofino

I have to document our rides, since it was my first time to commute on jeepneys and V-hire going to  Portofino. We met at Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM), ride a 04C going to San Carlos Main, then 10H going to SM, then a V-hire going to Mepz I, but we will drop at Save More/ Marina Mall to ride the jeepney going to Soong which will pass by the Church where in front of it is the road going to Portofino (you can already go there by walking or tricycle, but walking would be terrible). In our case, we hit first the groceries for our food and drinks.

The food

We bought a few kilos of marinated pork chops to grill, marinated chicken, hotdog, and some drinks.

Surprisingly, I thought we were thinking that time, we have no charcoal because we thought it was already provided by the resort (that was nice idea), so we bought charcoal but ended up using some people's fire*.

Things to bring when you're going out for a picnic:
1. Food
2. Charcoal, gas if you plan to grill
3. Lighter (of course)
4. Tissue
5. Extra clothes
6. Towel
7. Your tampons ladies!
8. sunblock
9. Your friend's house
more or less these will be the basic things you'll need

The Beach

Low tide. But most of us had fun, making themselves fool. I guess they were playing tag, but me and some friends has to do the grilling and 'burning' of meat. We soaked into the beach at night already because we had to. We had so much fun trying to teach someone float on the water on her back. I had fun holding a friend's arm because I was scared on stepping on the seabed.

We had sharing moments, I was there but I missed the story, I had much fun on Red's camera. But I guess it was pointless because they were screwed and it won't matter the next day or in the future.

The overnight

After the resort's cut-off, because they don't allow overnight's unless you have a room, we headed to our friend's house. But before we even got there some of us has to take a taxi because we were so many and there was only one car. Im with the taxi group, and we were three, but one of us is danger. Danger made us walk in the dark scary road of the resort, he is crazy and he will be crazier with uncontrolled booze.

Our friend's house was nice and they have these clowns stuck in a dry aquarium. All of us enjoyed the stay. We watched the Blessed, a very stupid movie about a fake pregnant woman, whose fetuses are very stupid and were the devil's offsprings.

Some of us have to stay at the sala and be sucked by the mosquitos, while most of us have to force ourselves to fit into the bed and lie over each other's body and try to sleep without blankets. While the AC was freezing us, we have to do shifts just to thermo-regulate ourselves, and one has to lie on the floor.

Third floor concluded

It was an epic weekend for all of us! It wasn't about the drinks and stupid things we've discussed and have done, but the friendship weve made, CHAR RA OI.

Hope the next area will be fun too. =)

thanks red for the photos i snatched.


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