I wanna have my own car but on second thought

Transportation is a key to the civilization's development. Cars, trains, and buses helps us everyday in going to school and to people's workplace. Ships and airplanes provides easy and convenient way to travel to the other side of the world.

So much for the vague introduction, all I wanted is to have my own car. Well, my family can't afford yet to buy me mine. I have always fantasized on racing on the streets and stuff like that, pretty cool huh? hehe. I thought a Ford Escort would take me anywhere and takes me to places with the convenience i will never have in public transportations. I know how to drive and stuff, at least my uncle taught me so but on some point troubleshooting and repair is not yet in my skills manual.

Due to my frustrations and desperations in wanting to understand a car, I stumble upon a website that caters car repair. Repairpal is a car repair website that guides motorists about car problems. It is pretty amazing because they have these simple menus that allows you to choose which car models you have, so its pretty helpful to almost car models. It also allows you to check if your canvassed repair fee is not overpriced. Repairpal also features a car enclyclopedia that provides information on the different specs found in your car, like for example: Timing Belt which keeps internal engine components in sync; or the Water Pump which pushes coolant through a vehicle's cooling system. See, now I learned a few stuff. 

Now for my friends in Arizona, this might help you: Phoenix Auto Repair.

For sure auto repair is not that scary and hassle anymore.


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