INCEPTION movie review

Inception, the talk of the town movie of this month, gaining 27.5M$. Starring Leonardo de Caprio, he leads the story about going into people's dream and going deeper to their subconscious and planting an idea into people's mind.

click here to read the synopsis. warning: may contain spoilers.

Hitting at 87% on rotten tomatoes, its sure to make you mind bugle.

Watching it, the first part was very unclear and very confusing, but as the story progresses everything makes sense and as the movie continues I enjoyed and very thrilled to know what will happen next.

It surely is worth watching for, maybe specially on IMAX.

Be sure to watch it now, or buy the dvd when its already available.

for my personal ratings:
7/10 -story was smart, the wife part is i dont know; didn't explain much on the "inception device" but it wasn't necessary. I liked it!


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