Nanny McPhee | Movie Review

MY RATIN: 6.3/10

I watched Nanny McPhee and the Bigbang on DVD, I thought it will be a magical kiddy fantasy movie.

Basically the movie revolves around a group of undisciplined kids who always fights and gives their mother a cephalgia. Nanny McPhee then magically arrives to teach the kids a valuable lesson. It is in the middle of war and the country side is thought to be safe until a sniff caused an accidental drop.

Nanny McPhee works in this way: when you need her and you don't want her, she will be there; but when u want her and doesn't need her anymore, she can't be with you anymore.

My ratings would be:
story - 6.4/10 spec. for young audiences
special effects- 5/10
actors- 7.5/10
TOTAL rating- 6.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes rate it at: 78%


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