Yugatech's Show Me Your Oldest Photo Contest: Through the Years

Yugatech is giving away a new GE X5 digital camera in courtesy of i-Digiworld. The mechanics was simple sharing an old pic, so here's my entry:

I recovered this pictures from the boxes which my mom kept.

 This is me and my mom during my infant years. I don't know when exactly this picture was taken.

  Still during the early days with mama and papa at the park in Oroquieta City.

My 2nd birthday! With my childhood friends celebrating with me.

Do Re Mi Fa. I am the eldest and the tallest that time, and these are my siblings, arranged by height and accordingly with age(left-right). I think I was in Grade 4, my brother Kevin was grade 2, Kamil was still on Preschool and as well as our youngest, only girl, Krislyn.

Currently, I'm in my fourth year in college taking up Nursing, and I'm so blessed to come a long way and still alive and kicking :). And by the way this is my friend LA, there's nothing special about this pic, haha.


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