The Road Trip: Ozamis, Oroquieta, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro

Every October, me and my family usually visits my mother's home town in Oroquieta City. Because during this month, the city also celebrates the feast of the Holy Rosary.

Since high school, we already have this kind of trip during October and I'm pretty much familiar of the ups and downs of the traveling part. 

Friday, October 15, I happened to decide to go home and after taking my last two final exam I bought my ferry ticket bound for Ozamis with my friend Kem. At 6pm I left boarding house and went to the port.

As much as I wanted to not-talk about what shipping lines I went into, this Trans-Asia 2 has this particular crew who was assigned in the canteen stall answered me that there is no cafeteria in the ferry and told me they only have noodles. But when I looked around, a Triton something restaurant is just in front of the canteen, just hiding from a very narrow hallway. And I have to say their comfort rooms were MESSY and STINKY.

The next day, I woke up early to catch the Ozamis sunrise and to meet my parents who were waiting at the Ozamis port. Then we hit the road bound for Oroquieta City.

A Gothong ship docking at the port of Ozamis

view from the ferry, the port of Ozamis City

this mountain is fronting the shores of Ozamis City

taken on board the Trans-Asia 2 vessel

Traveling from Ozamis to Oroquieta or vice versa takes around an hour.

Oroquieta City is a 3rd class city in the province of Misamis OccidentalPhilippines. It is the capital city of Misamis Occidental. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 65,349 people.
I enjoyed my less than 24hours stay in Oroquieta.
the galactica ride

this ship behind us was part of the parade i didn't see

the sea wall at the city plaza

the expo

at the "perya"

Sunday and its time to leave, we packed up and buckled up and hit the road back to Misamis Oriental.

From Oroquieta City we drive our way to Ozamis City to ride a barge which will take us to Mukas (I guess it is part of Lanao del Norte).
who says you can't dive without a diving board? or at least jump?

enjoying the jump

these kids are unbelievable

the port terminal of ozamis city

From Mukas, our next destination will be Iligan (1 hour).
some of the shots I took on the way to Timuga

most of the things I see on the way is a plain field


We stopped-by Iligan to eat lunch and sight-see the popular Iligan destination, Timuga, which is a chain of pool resorts situated just along the highway. By the way, the pool waters are from a natural source up hill (maybe the same source of the Maria Christina).
dela mar resort

the dela mar resort

there's a lot of eatery in front of the resorts just along the highway

behind me are big fishes, i dont know what kind of fish they are

munster fish?

the iha-ihaw eateries along the highway


Iligan is known to be a highly industrialized city featuring large factories of steel and Cements.
the MSU-IIT campus

the iligan capitol college

i think the only mall in iligan? looks like SM...

Next to Iligan is Cagayan de Oro, it took us just an hour considering that my father stepped hardly on the gas. And during those times, I was at dream land.

Cagayan de Oro, the City of Golden friendship, we just went to my brother's boarding house and hit home. CDO to home took us 1 hour and a half (slow road constructions).


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