Winning The Game of Life by A. Pangilinan

The Velez Nurses Alumni Association once again organized the annual event called The Epifania Mendoza Velez Memorial Lecture. This year's commemoration was held at City Sports Club Cebu last January 29, 2011 with a very special speaker Mr. Anthony Pangilinan.

The future alumni, us the senior nursing students, were also invited to the said event. 
Sir Anthony's status on facebook

The announcement of new elected officers also took place.

Mr. Anthony Pangilinan's life coaching talk was titled Winning the Game of Life. He said that there is a way to succeeding life. He also mentioned, "getting into trouble is not your choice... getting through trouble well is your choice". Indeed trouble is inevitable. He taught us a formula in surviving this chaotic life-- ABF x 3.

here are my notes during the talk:

1. Accept the Brutal Facts.

  • the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • the givens are given
  • world class leader = finds trouble
  • "Diagnose before you prognose"
  • We need people to correct us
2. Anticipate a Brighter Future
  • Anticipation is key
  • Responsibility = response + ability
    • responsive = (+)
    • react = (-)
  • Don't quit! You shine like a star when the world gets darker
  • Think --> Feel --> Act --> Result
3. Act with Bold Face
  • Analysis Paralysis
  • Boldness is of the HEART
  • "Does this make CENTS to me?"
    • Contribution
    • Excel
    • Natural gift
    • Turn you on? (excitement)
    • Spirit of the Lord
Mr. Anthony Pangilinan's sharing and lecture left everyone speechless. He is really great.

Disclosure: Anthony is a management trainer, motivational speaker, and productivity consultant. In various capacities, he leads a myriad of organizations. He is the Chief Disturber of Businessworks Inc., and the President of The Parenting Company. He is also the Chief Trainer of Inspire Leadership Consultancy, the official licensee of all John Maxwell and Zig Ziglar corporate programs in the Philippines. He is Chairman of the Master’s Lighthouse Foundation, and consultant-trainer for Blue Ocean Strategy Asia Pacific. Anthony is also the Executive Director of the PLDT-SMART Foundation and a writer for BusinessWorld with his weekly Monday column “Success Plus!”.

He was invited to be the speaker for the VNAA: Epifania Mendoza Velez Memorial Lecture.

I forgot the exact words and explanation of his lecture about the ABF x 3, so i just copied my notes.


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