Pit Senyor! Sinulog 2011!

The mother of festivities-- Sinulog! And of course, everybody was excited. Gigantic speakers and loud music of the Sinulog theme is hitting every corner of the metro. Colorful hats, alluring masks and head dresses reign all over the place, not to mention the henna tattoos that inks everybody with joy and celebration. Food stalls, bazaar, and booze are all over.
Darn, it was raining and sometimes it goes hard. But it did not send the Cebuanos back to their homes. It was reported that 3 million witnessed the event, pretty less than last year almost double from last year's nonetheless, everyone was happy and enjoyed the street dancing.

Shining, even if the skies were pouring a lot of emotions, Stars from tv networks joined the Sinulog Grand Parade on their respective floats. Well, luckily I have spotted aplenty, that includes the very gorgeous Rhian Ramos, the very fierce Solenn Heusaff along with other stars in one float. And earlier, me and my photo buddy and all-around buddy Kae, were caught conversing with Enzo Pineda a star from GMA network. He was very down to earth and very nice and cute, he started the short conversation and Kae was like "uh okay,...so did you party?". Reymond Gutierrez was also there, snobbish. And many more bright stars (my description might be very subjective) from the network. Ogie Alcasid was spotted riding the MLhuiller float. Annabelle Rama on the grand stand. Pnoy was actually there on the very first part of the program at the City Sports Complex, I just saw him on TV.

Solenn Heusaff and Rhian Ramos
with enzo
Gorgeous Rhian

Michelle, JC, Ehra,

Anabelle Rama

Bubbles Paraiso

Solenn Heusaff

I'm alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!  I almost did not want to rest at least for awhile, I did not mention I was still on the streets at dawn (now i did XD) prior to the grand parade and hit home at 6am. Me and Kae joined the photo contest and we should have been on the streets early, but instead at 6am we were still going back to the HQ and took some sleep.

Rain or Shine, here we are... CLICK CLICK CLICK... oops, foggy! I need plastic!

The rain was disturbing my shots, I can't quickly think of a composition and then this wave of photogs covered my view. We had to use our back-up umbrellas to protect us and our cameras from getting wet. And since we don't have much stuff, we improvised plastics and wrapped it around our camera bodies. Kae got the Robinsons supermarket, haha. I think I only have a few good shots, or maybe no good shots at all.

Being part of the contest gives you a convenient pass to the City Sports Complex and a stamp.

There was this particular contingent that wowed me and the other expectators. The dancers from the Talamban Elementary School were very graceful in dancing their Ritual and their beautiful props were perfectly choreographed, and it gave me goosebumps all over. I wasn't able to take a nice pic since I don't have a very zoomy lens. (My judgement does not necessarily reflect the winners =D ). I didn't get to see other contingents on their rituals because we were on the streets again.
Talamban Elementary School
3rd Sinulog Pyrofest here.

For The Win, here are some of my newbie shots.

street parade

festival queen - street parade

street parade

At night, parties were still kicking in the atmosphere. I'm lucky I got a jeep to ride home.

It was definitely a new experience to be proud of. Sinulog is one of the bestest moments I really treasure. Pit SiƱor!
street parade during sinulog 2011


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