Scrub In

So graduation is almost near and everybody is very eager to complete their Operating Room and Delivery Room cases. Birthing homes have been affiliated with just to provide enough cases for everyone, but still there are quiet a number who still needs (at least) 1-4 lacking cases in average. So I can describe the feeling in one word, scrubs.
OR and DR exposures are very helpful for us nurses since we will be the ones who will assist the surgeon and the OB gynecologist and the doctors in general in performing surgical procedures and birth. So it is very crucial and very important to have mastered different skills and be equipped with scrub sets that will promote aseptic technique. By the way, I saw a discounted scrubs online that were very nice. You may also try some medical uniform scrubs.

Just a few days ago, I have completed my one last case thanks to the help of my clinical instructors and duty mates. It sure was fulfilling. So I hope other future nurses benefited from the exposures they had. And always remember to wear the right knowledge and skills and the right scrubs.


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