Sinulog 2012 safety preparations

Sinulog 2012 is still less than a year away, but preparing for this celebration does not take only a few months but actually it takes a whole year (well, I guess so). Especially Security, considering the growing numbers of fans and devotees attending the celebrations from December to January, it needs a very critical and prioritized planning.

Searching the internet for the earliest updates of Sinulog 2012, i found this:
“Crowd control has been a perennial problem ever since but for this year, we commend the police in maintaining peace. This year, there's no report of untoward incidents,” Ballesteros told CEBU DAILY NEWS. - CDN
I also read on the article that there will be additional bleachers.

Traffic is also one of the concerns, well of course what would you expect. But maybe with proper traffic management and crowd control everything will be at ease.

It is also important for everyone to be cooperative. Maybe during the celebration, instead of using your cars, why don't you maximize your muscles and exercise and by doing so you save energy and reduces consumption of fuels. And during the grand parade, if you don't have official pass, please stay on the side. And keep your jewelries at home and your 1 million pesos cash in your banks.

So I hope there will be an early update for schedules and programs, and I will be waiting and will post it as soon as its available.


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