Nursing Job

So after you graduated BS Nursing, took the Nursing Licensure Exam, employed in a call center while waiting for the result and when it finally went online you decided to take the nursing job now. The question is, how when and where? 

Employment basics, starts with requirements and it should be more or less the following:
+ Application Letter
+ Resume
+ 2x2 pictures (some institutions require 2pcs)
+ TOR and RLE summary (in photocopies...some would require 2copies in separate envelopes)
+ Diploma (in photocopy)
+ Board Rating/Certification/Claim Slip/License ID (in photocopy)
+ PNA ID (in photocopy)
+ Recommendation from your Dean / Good Moral

Additional Requirements, some institutions may need them ready already:
+ NBI clearance (in photocopy or not)
+ SSS E1 number (in Photocopy) *
+ Philhealth ID (in photocopy) *
+ TIN number (in photocopy) *
+ Pag-Ibig number *

*usually the company will assist you on this, but its better that you have these already

If you came from a Call Center (not in AWOL status) prepare your Certificate Of Employment or better known as the COE.

Once you have passed these already, the HR department will just call you or just take note of their instructions.

If you have family working in admin offices in some hospitals, then better take the advantage (its a trend you know).

You may also sign-up in some agencies that supplies company nurses.

Or you may want to practice medical field in some ways like the one i mentioned above a company nurse, a school nurse, a medical representative, or a call center agent handling medical account.

There are a lot of ways, just try to be confident and real. Review and Reflect.


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