Lady Gaga Live in Manila

Ra ra ra-a-a Roma-ra-a-a Gaga Oh Lala!

It's Lady Gaga--hot and being talked about. Her much anticipated concert tomorrow at the Mall Of Asia Arena gathered a lot of talks and rebutals.

But first, let me just acknowledge myself for blogging again. :)

It's in the buzz recently that lady gaga is being protested to perform in the Philippines for she is being considered  to commit blasphemy. And to briefly review, Philippines has a majority of Christian People. A lot of people rallied, half of it protesting and the other half going gaga.

Previous Encounters

Authorities in South Korea have deemed singer Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball tour too sexual for under-18's and have banned them from attending. -

The Christians Against Gaga

The Biblemode Youth Philippines members also plan to hold a vigil starting Sunday near the seaside concert venue. They say they are offended by Lady Gaga’s music, particularly her song “Judas,” which they say mocks Jesus Christ.
On Friday, leaders of various organizations under the United Christian Groups held a press conference and accused Lady Gaga of “symbolizing everything that is corrupt and demonic.”
They called on authorities to stop the concerts.
Catholic leaders chimed in, asking the faithful to boycott the shows, which, they said, would promote godlessness. -
The little Monsters
 Seattle PI reports that the Biblemode Youth Philippines group may be anti-Gaga, but the singer does have plenty of fans in Manila. Lady Gaga was apparently surrounded by screaming, picture taking, autograph seeking fans as security escorted the singer to her hotel. - Read more at
The Authorities
“Although we respect artistic and musical expressions, I won’t allow anyone or any group to provide acts which may be questionable in a way at any venue under my jurisdiction. We reminded the producers of Lady Gaga’s concert that the show and the event as a whole shall not exhibit any nudity or lewd conduct which may be offensive to morals and good customs.”
My Opinions

People react differently, as in. Some get influenced.
Music is an art, and art is an expression of self. No matter how weird it is, we become naive unless we uncover the true meaning of it. And it could be the reason we may have took it the wrong way.

Those protesters have the right to object and the right to request to stop the said event. Because at some point, we want to protect our values and eventually the people we love. Because sometimes we think it's damaging to us. Others may not think that way. It could be liberation for them, a way of speaking the fragments of their emotions.

We have different perceptions.

We are hypocrites most of the time.

We can always expect a negative and positive reaction, but that doesn't actually mean that having a negative feedback is bad or vice versa.

Respect is the key. But what should two parties suppose to do? For me, I think we should fight for it, not literally but having an open mind and the effort to stay focus on what you believe in. Because acting aggressive may cause broken hearts and maybe war.

I'll let gaga express herself and to the people she represents :)


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