Sunday Reflection: Selfless; Faith in Action

Around 4 pm when it started.

There were plentiful of people inside and in the open grounds.

Then the gospel started, followed by the priest's homily.

In my understanding of the teachings learned today, being selfless and being able to surrender yourself for the goodness of other people meant life towards Christ. Carrying your cross, is ignoring your own comfort for the service of His people.

How do you measure faith? Even if we admit our faith is as strong as any storm, have we manifested it in actions? From time to time, we have learned that action speaks louder than words but we seem to forget and ignored its very meaning. Faith in Action as it is. As the priest relayed the message, "Tell me how faithful you are and do nothing in deeds...and show you how I have loved and cared for you".

Sinner, all are we. It is our daily reminder that everyday we live because God has shown mercy. And everyday is a chance to change and do good things.


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