Have you seen this part of Abu Dhabi?

You don't need to go too far to see nature mixed with human's brilliance. Clear and clean waters calm your soul at the Abu Dhabi Corniche

A coastline photo of Corniche, Abu Dhabi. photo by choppershoot.com
During my google search, "Corniche" is referred to as a road built along a coast.

If you are within the city radius of Abu Dhabi, then you should probably heard of the famous beachfront.

The view is breath-taking and even when its hot, this tent will shed you from the burning sun.

Almost a year ago, I set foot on this laid-back and regal capital of the UAE. Everything is in order and one of the places I love is their beach. It is clean, greenish and blue without any floating trash and is overall attractive.

At night. I took this photo when I first arrived in Abu Dhabi.

One day I had to revisit a part of corniche just by walking along with a good friend. Even though I had seen it during my commute to work, and even though it was freaking hot, It was an amazing view. My friend has her admiration as well.

Who doesn't want to see the sunset?

People come to do walking or running exercise; some on bikes; and some are touring around.

This place is definitely a go to for relaxation activities with no cost at all.


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