Retail Therapy, A Series (Intro)

A glimpse of an Electronics department. image source:

I've been thinking of something to talk about in my blog since I haven't been too personal about myself. I do like sharing experiences and 'learnings' in my daily struggle.

In this segment of my online space, I want to give a portion of the fun and interesting interaction I had with customers and colleagues.

Titled Retail Therapy, because why not? My work is a front-liner in pure retail environment and this is the best domain to observe human nature, the wild and innocent wandering of human into the traps of sale.

My accounts are based from communication within the electronics section, specifically the mobile phones and handhelds.

Buying to some is relaxing, it gives a feeling of being rewarded. Owning a new material thing is like exercising power. It's like the universe has given you the right to possess a part of it, as long as you have receipt with you it can always be proven yours. If it is out of a requirement, it still gives pride.

Human actions are so random no robot AI has incorporated with full human nature response and intuition. And I guess that's why as a rational being, we can manipulate the feelings of others thus rendering sales talk effective. But not all sweet talks can be convincing.

"I know you can do something, give me some discount."

We always have demands like we always have needs. Except, we exceed the expectation too much and pay less. There's a thing called costing.

All these are allegations and based from my views. In the coming days, I will serve amusing stories accurately written as much as possible.


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