How it's like to be Selling with Colleagues of Different Background · Retail Therapy, A Series

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United Arab Emirates is the Middle East's hub where people from the Arabian gulf, the west, and the other parts of the world meet to exhibit innovations. A progressive country in retail, commerce, and culture. 

Different culture from different individual, the means and ways of living, the level of courteousness, the hospitality, and the human treatment.

Having to move from one showroom to another, I had my share of the typical 'boss' and the memorable 'leaders'. It wasn't an easy adjustment but sure it is a fun ride.

Many times it's a survival of the fittest. Everyone can be friends but in sales, competition may become a heartache. I'm talking about the people around me, the ones who has better products and them who can definitely persuade someone to buy theirs.

From the battle grounds I've been, not all "comrades" like to play team. Maybe as a personal achievement, they want all the credits for themselves. They don't want to let you get a slice of the market share. As a person, I'd like everyone to still keep their jobs that pays the bunk.

And not just the person beside you, but sometimes your main man, the head of the battalion. We call it in our dialect "dawat limpyo", someone who likes to take praises for what they haven't done and points finger when its a mess. Not all can understand and apply responsibility and accountability. As an effect, customers or client are unsure to trust such an organization again.

It sounded negative up there so let me share something from the great managers I have fortunately worked with. They keep you with sound mind, they make you realize that you can still improve and that today could just be a bad day and tomorrow can already be rock and roll. They want to let you know that such day to day experiences in the floor will be a big contribution to your next aspiration. In short, they let you grow as an individual and as a professional.

An enjoyable and friend-worthy floor colleague is someone who gives you sale, haha, nope not like that. It is whom who gives space and respect your link between you and your client. Who does not spill the dirty laundry. Instead they keep you challenged through positive competition, through wits and the art of persuasion.

I thought that each has different perspective of work and career development. To understand where they come from is to drop any assumptions of stereotyping. Then you will eventually see the true colors to answer the why's.

When there are valuable companions work feels light, your behavior becomes favorable to customers (or sometimes ridiculous XD). Any situations, places, and crowd will never be the same, yet you can bet on your balanced character.


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