Places I've been with Pokemon Go

A Machop

An overnight success, Niantic's Augmented Reality mobile game Pokemon Go caught me even if it is not yet officially released here in the UAE. 

At first, I thought that I was the only person here who tried to access it through the US iTunes Account, but when I left home and started catching Pokemon(s) on the next block, I saw gyms already occupied with high CP pokemons!

A Pidgie

It had it's awful firsts, in which server was always an issue. I have run the whole block and thought my internet was a mess, but it was actually the game that is not letting me in.

It's too frustrating to get this kind of message.

Now, I have to plan well my after-work rendezvous and data connection.

So these are the places I've been just to catch 'em all!


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