A Routine Dilemma • Retail Therapy

The Retail world never ends with curious and ridiculous customer situation, wherein most are dense inquiry. But it is normal, even as a sales person you will find yourselves involved in the same situation. 

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So one day, one customer decided to check out the tablets in promotion. After being convinced with the technical specifications, he decided to ask "What color is available?", the salesperson replied "Only in Black", the customer eager to get another option asked again, "No White?".

Sometimes, we cannot listen well to what we've just heard, because we do not comprehend and only want answers that we like. Normally, we are curious if ever there is a slight chance of having another option.

No doesn't always means no, a person cannot settle with a simple answer. If a unit is not available now, you can't tell me it's not available, instead tell me when it's available.

From where I'm in, language plays a big role. Communication becomes a challenge when one decides to shake his head but another person sees it as a disagreement. Simple words and a clear "yes" and "no" is vital.

Everyday, I get the repetition syndrome. When you say a thing, they echo it back to you. Days passed with the same practice and I learned that they are just trying to confirm what they've heard, which is right instead of just saying "okay" and not getting it at all. Speaking softly and slowly can help communication better.

Regardless of what words you may speak, as long as you can listen actively, you can answer directly or use body language ;-) .


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