Energize • Retail Therapy, a series

At the end of every shift I always say, tomorrow will be better than today. Hoping that sales will be increased and temper will be managed better. 

Sometimes I think they only ask and not actually look for what they want.

Woke up trying to speed up things so I would catch the bus, grabbed something to eat, and not get an invalid login because I'm a minute late on the attendance app.

Headed to my section, then a few customers are at the same time demanding answers to their inquiries. Sometimes, I think that the answers are just staring right in front of their noses. I'm not even finish composing myself then somebody would literally grab me just to ask where to find the charger, it irks me. Customers are not right all the time!

I haven't started my visual merchandising yet but I'm already tired maybe due to my staying up late. So when I'm already in my spot, I'm already grumpy and irritable.

"How much?" A customer asked. Inside my skull, Im trying to figure out what went wrong with their eyes and all they could do is ask, the barcode and the price is just right in front of the packaging. I used my finger and didn't utter a word, pointed to the price tag. "Ahh Dhs 99.99?" the unsure customer trying to confirm. 

Dealing with these kind of approaches everyday becomes too mundane. The routine feels like shit. Everyday it feels like a burden and its too heavy in the chest. The questions seems crazier and crazier each day.

I took a cup of coffee, the caffeine boosted my alertness and mood. I started engaging patiently with enthusiasm. It's a trick! If I have to live an orderly life, breakfast and sleeping early, I might just have an uplifting personality everyday. But No, I'm burned-out. Relying on the wonders of coffee has its threshold.

Not all have experiences going to malls and seeing a full touch screen phone, hence the millions of questions. It's not their fault.

A happy salesman attracts a lot of people. But not all will buy. About 2/3ds are curious beings. When I keep my spirit high, the customers are also interested to join in the questions. However, I have my limits. It's hard, well, no one said it's easy.

What really matters is that you control your show. You set the tempo and let other jive with your tune. Theoretically, I would say... create a positive atmosphere for people to absorb and enjoy with.


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