Tawag ng Tanghalan at Societe, Sofitel, Abu Dhabi

The Tawag ng Tanghalan competition was held last night at the Societe Bar in Sofitel in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the qualifying competition to get to the next level.

tawag ng tanghalan in Abu Dhabi
Tawag ng Tanghalan in Societe Bar, Sofitel, Abu Dhabi

Tawag ng Tanghalan is a Filipino singing competition which is popularly followed with its segment airing at It's Showtime, which is a noon time show in the Philippines.

Held in Sofitel's Societe Bar, the competition was more alive with its Mediacom karaoke system showcasing 3 large size LCD panels on the wall. Every weekdays they have ladies night with unlimited drinks. The ambient is chill and the staff were all beautiful and fun.

Update: Monthly Final will be on Thursday 29-Sept-2016

Tawag ng Tanghalan complemented with Societe's lights and sound system

The top 5 performer will proceed to the monthlies where they will beat to win for the big event. The night's winners will get a 500 AED cash and 200 AED for the 1st and 2nd placers respectively.

The contenders:

The night's 1st placer


For the night's event, contenders are judge on different criteria and one of it is the audience appreciation. And I have to be there for a friend who is competing.

Obviously most of the guest were Filipinos. And while waiting for the results of the competition. I participated in some bone cracking dance show down (not so pretty but sure was fun).

Waiting for the 1st placer

Watch the talented Filipinos in Tawag ng Tanghalan and party in one of Abu Dhabi's chill bars, Societe in Sofitel.


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