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When people check out my mobile phone stand, they ask where my products are manufactured. For most, there's a huge implication of where the device is manufactured. If it's made in China, the consumers think it's cheaply unreliable.

First, people should understand that China makes almost all of the things we buy, either just a part or as a whole. But just because in the retail world most people have negative connotation about it, doesn't mean all made in china products are crap.
China produces about 80% of the world’s air-conditioners, 70% of its mobile phones and 60% of its shoes. The white heat of China’s ascent has forged supply chains that reach deep into South-East Asia. This “Factory Asia” now makes almost half the world’s goods.- The Economist
In an article I've read from The Economist, China and the rest of Asia will continue the dominate the manufacturing industry because of these main points:

Low-cost manufacturing. Their suppliers are efficient that other developing countries cannot keep up thus lowering import rates but still increasing their export capabilities. Home grown goods create more profit. They continue to develop their infrastructure giving them more boost.

It is so-called Factory Asia. Even if companies try to cut their job orders from China and move it to neighboring Asian countries, it is hard to fully remove it in the system. China supplies most of a product's component, thus China becomes an integral supplier.

 The Chinese demand increases Factory Asia's business. China-based suppliers have the upper-hand when producing for the National demand and furthermore fuel the activity of Factory Asia.

China and its neighbours may have been the last countries to be able to climb up the ladder of development simply by recruiting lots of unskilled workers to make things cheaply.- The Economist 
Home appliance, tablets, mobile phones and other electronics are mostly made in China.

We may have bad experiences from products made from China but we tolerate and still buy fake ones. When someone is in disbelief about a product that sells for only USD5 which is normally for 25, I mean do you still ask about quality?

Now since the facts are laid on the table, and China will lead the manufacturing industry, I think we should do a little background check before we do the purchase and make sure we are buying legit goods.

My merchandise are mobile phones which are made in China. So I'll give you a hint on how to choose wisely, and you may apply these with other goods.

  • From which store are you buying? 
  • Is it a trusted one, and do people have good feedback
  • Is the product professionally packed? 
  • Does it have a seal of quality assurance from the government (e.g, TRA number, Food Authority, Telecom, etc..)? 
  • Is it backed by a legit and known company with extent to warranty?

Any queries can be valid as long as it make sense. The point is that you are going to purchase a product that is not a waste of money and trust. So next time when you see it's made in China, probe more.


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