I have too much things going on inside my mind. Like I wish I could focus on a niche, like perhaps photography but then I feel so uninspired to go out and play with my camera.

My work does not demand a lot of knowledge, but it does require patience and physical efforts. I can't seem to give time for my blogging life.

Blogging has become my outlet for my emotions, frustrations, and excitement towards life. It has become also my freedom wall for everyone to see. I like that I can share things that own or have felt, and places I have been.

I look at my blog, look at myself, look at everyone else's life, and I can say mine has a lot of work to do. Now I stare wondering what could have been, what I must do, things that I missed to be this less focused and uninspired.

Am I depressed? How would I know? Do I have the right to feel this way? I don't wanna be, I feel like I would be so selfish to just think about my life and not reconsider the other people who would've prayed for my disposition now.

But, where am I now? My heart has been very cold, will it ever love again? And when it does, would there be someone for me?

Am I not praying hard and working harder? Or am I impatient and want an instant gratification?

I'm not okay, but I will be.


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