My first Desert Safari in UAE

Perks of an employee-oriented company-- team building activities.

Since I got here in the UAE and had the opportunity to work as a sales merchandiser, I've had the chance to actually join a division where they spend for their employee's development, may it be in interpersonal and team work skills.

So recently, we went for a desert safari team building activity with the Lava Mobile UAE Team. It was a bright and sunny Sunday of November in which I'm still a little ill and anxious about the anticipated dune drive because I get motion-sick.

It was a long drive and tiring bus sits from Abu Dhabi to wherever it was located. A good friend beside me had to wake me up periodically because his snores remind me that my head and body is slowly leaning on the other side, mid-air.

There were a handful of Filipino colleagues, I could count them with one hand only, so there was an aloof moment between us and the other nationalities.

It was in Al Marjan Desert Safari Camp by Al Marjan tours. In the website it would say Dubai camp, but it was in the outskirts and pass by Sharjah.

At the highway, we were picked-up by a fleet of Land Rovers with tires half-filled with air, and I said my prayers. I appreciate the wonders of the sand and its wondrous curves but I sweat my ass and felt like throwing up through-out the experience. I have never found a cure to my motion-sickness.

We were a group of maybe more than fifty members and expect that all will be messing the place. I mean like all around the camp, as if we rented the whole place. A group at the Sisha corner, another at the Camel rides, at the photo booth section, etc. But to my astonishment, the staff were passive and were accommodating.

After a welcome snacks, but more like a relief to me from the nauseous dune riding, the first activity began. Kabaddi-- an Indian indigenous sport, where two groups try to score by touching someone in the opponent's side and get back to base. It was more than a parlor game, it was all physical and I can be a part of it-- the Photographer.

Mostly after that muscle flexing sport, we had photo shoot and just jumping and throwing colored powders. I enjoyed this part, I laughed like I didn't have an asthma attack that day.

At night, it was cool, they were serving grilled corn cobs and tea, and it was the perfect night to start some cultural performances. This time, there were other guests other than us.

The whole experience is memorable, because we have a semi planned activity. The place is a sure desert treat.


  1. Desert sure is fascinating although it seems plain. Did all the nationalities mingle by the end of day, I wonder!

  2. I'd also love to experience being in a desert in UAE or somewhere near. Was this activity all sponsored by the company?

  3. I'd also want to try the desert safari experience in UAE and it looks really fun. I should really plan a trip there soon especially that it's becoming a tourism hub.

  4. I have been wanted to try this desert safari but never got a chance to try it out. Need to see the best weather to visit the place.

  5. Good to know you guys enjoyed the whole activity. Kabaddi is a lovely sport from my place. Good to see you guys sweating it out. The cultural performances look so colorful!

  6. I've had my snow adventure, but this time I want a desert adventure! We had a little taste of it at the La Paz Sand Dunes in Laoag, but Arabian sand is stuff of legends.

  7. Now this is an adventure I'd like to try. The desert scares me but with such luxury comforts, I'll be fine.

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  9. Wow! Despite the motion sickness, it all looks very exciting! You're so lucky to be part of such a company that spends for their employees' interpersonal development. I wanted to do it before in Ilocos when we were there but I got scared last minute. Haha! I bet if it was UAE and it's a once in a lifetime thing, I'd do it too just like you even if I know I'd be puking the whole time. ;)

  10. I don't really dare to travel there solo as I understand there were certain areas which are not exactly very safe for females? And I do see that most of your colleagues are male!


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