My Face After Using Derma Roller


Derma Rollers are small wonders with micro needles in varying size to stimulate equal wound and healing by pricking. This in turn improves acne scars by tricking collagen formation on the stimulated area, at least for my case.

Back Story

During my highschool years, specifically the start of my sophomore year, I had an acne breakout on my face. It started in small red spots on my left cheek then the right then a batallion on my forehead.

For being annoyed by the itch and a feeling of shame, I started resorting to different medication and popping sessions, I even went for a facial derma cleaning. All bumps subsided but left red pressed-like blemishes. Few years after, scars starts to set-in, and honestly it was the start of my dark years.

As you get to earn years in your life, you'll start to accept thy face. And I've never been better when I embrace myself and my unique features.

The Discovery

A friend of a friend ordered the derma roller online from and started using it. Along with Olay products and religious regular usage, months after, there is an improvement of the skin (as claimed by my friend).

So, moving forward, we bought online too. For 100 dirhams, we got 3 Derma Rollers (0.5mm of Needles).

Bigger millimeters of Needles requires medical assistance, even 0.5mm is for clinical use, but we are so confident with our medical backgrounds.

The Experience and Procedures

On the box there is a small snippet of Idea on the strokes of applying the derma roller, but nothing is written or drawn about pre or post procedure, but google is a friend along with cousin Youtube.

Upon touching slightly on the cheek, it doesn't hurt but when you roll it, it feels prickly. Until you get the hang of it and starts pressing it harder, it starts to sting. Well until you're satisfied, you can move to the next area. What I do is jump from area to area when it feels stingy.

Do not apply it on a pimple or active acne bumps.

Afterwards, your face will have a slight burning sensation. The areas will turn red. The next day, you will look like sun burned or contoured, whichever way you view it. My friends said my face looked good, like as if I went to a super wintery place. But don't hold on to that, It's a temporary effect. Last only for 2days max.

Use with a Vitamin Syrum for better results. -an update from a friend.

Sometimes, you'll have small peeling of skin, but its not bad like using an exfoliating soap or astringent. But do use moisturizer, you can even go on with your preferred beauty regimen.

Clean the Derma Roller before and after with alcohol or regular soap solution as long as you dry it after. Doesn't really need sterilize procedure, as it does not puncture the skin and bleed. That's how we do it.

You can use the roller up to 6 months only.


You wont find a major transformation 😂

I was more convinced on the direct after effect, unfortunately it was temporary. We didn't have regular session so I don't expect a miraculous result.

Feedbacks were, "Oh, your skin look tighter and smooth,", "Your bumps are not showing anymore," but guess what, there was 10% of effect on me. Good lighting and sleeping well tighten my skin for a few good hours. Maybe, if I continue this with regular phase, I might improve the elasticity and tone of my skin; and maybe even out the crunchies.

It is effective if you consult your face with a specialist, where they do derma rolling and other procedures to improve the worst acne remnant.

I don't recommend it to everyone but someone who knows about good hygiene with idea of handling sterile materials can try this. The thought is not introducing bacteria on the skin when taking down its integrity.

Moisturize, drink lots of water, and good sleep and exercise!


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