Customer Service Redefined • Retail Therapy Series

Well hello there again! This is yet again another episode of my experiences in Retail universe. This time, I'll share about what I think should've been dealt professionally while handling a "kid in a candy store".

I have been observing my colleagues in my current store location and damn its nasty. They show signs of burnout but the hell with it if the management does not acknowledge it anyway. Hence an erratic behavior of unacceptable customer interaction.

You adjust.

Every person has a different way of approach because they also have different upbringing. But regardless of what they are, its all about you making their experience positive while they're in your scene. So, an aggressive and eruptive call must not be welcomed with the same response, rather show professionalism or at least appropriateness as customer service provider.

If a customer cannot clearly pronounce a word and the sales representative does not comprehend it, it is not the customer's fault and therefore must not be subjected to ridicule. A salesperson or a service representative must have the initiative to read the body language or create a way to understand and provide the services or products needed.

Sympathizing to the unfortunates of the situation wherein the customer is involved should also be considered. A lot of times, in the shop, the customer demands urgency for checkout because the car has no parking slot. Instead of ignoring and thinking it's not your fault, how about you assure check out will be done as swiftly as you can. It makes a sincere gesture that you are not slacking off.

It could be Better.

Especially here where it is multi-cultured and people come from different places. It is best to not speak in a different language while a customer is engaging with you. Everyone tries to meet half-way and speak in English.

Avoid laughing and talking with your colleagues while engaging with customer. And even if you're not talking about the customer, it will appear to be and it is very RUDE.

Speak clearly. Pace and proper tone must be observed, do not make the customer feel like your in a haste. At least make them feel comfortable and well attended to.

"It's not my problem." mentality from a service provider is a problem. Suggest and give an appropriate opinion about services and products that the customer require if such are not available in-store.

Responsibility can be practiced in life and in-store too. Before you escalate any issue to top level, try to sort it with calm nerves and attitude.

SMILE. Everyone in the world can benefit from smiling and seeing someone smile. Make it a habit and your smiling may not only improve your work relation but maybe in your life in general.

When you attend to a customer, it is helpful to think that you can also be the recipient of service in a different place and time, so do as you want to be served.


  1. I think it's really good to try to resolve issues as efficient as possible when it comes to customer service. Think fast and offer alternatives.

  2. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of doing excellent in business. Customers can often make decisions whether to buy or not based on how they are treated.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  3. I once worked in a call center way back... and customer service is what I learned and mastered. Its difficult to be patient though

  4. I hope all the people involved in this kind of job can read this. Everything's on point and makes sense.

  5. It sure is a serious work to be a customer service representative. This is something everyone should consider. It's a tough job. I just hope that customers will also reflect on it and to those who are working as a CSR, I hope they maintain the professionalism of assisting customers.


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