PS4 Hunt, a Budgetarian's Chronicle

Playstation from Sony, is a gamer's top choice in hardcore gaming. With it's latest line-up: PS4PS4 Slim, and the powerful PS4 Pro.
As a gadget enthusiast, I take every chance to purchase a good device whenever budget permits. It is one of my guilty pleasures, which oftentimes I regret.

And when I got envious of my friend's DSF Deal from Lulu in Madinat Zayed, I blindly took home my very own PS4 SLIM with Final Fantasy XV.

For Dirhams 2,200, my friend took home a PS4 Slim 1TB, an LG 32-inch LED TV, and 2 games namely 'The Last of Us' and 'Uncharted' all in one place-- Lulu, Madinat Zayed.

The Requirement

I was on financial constraints, I need to fit in with a budget of less than Dirhams 2,000. So, I went on a hunt. The requirements were, the console, Final Fantasy XV (as it was the trendiest game on my Fb timeline), and a TV that supports HDMI and can fit on my bed shelf.

The Hunt

Al Mariah Mall in Hamdan St., Abu Dhabi

In Al Mariah Mall, my friend says they have good ones in lesser price. Good means it's new and in working condition. A shop offered me Dirhams 1,000 for PS4 Slim 500Gb with FFXV. Another for Dirhams 1,120 for PS4 1Tb + FFXV, the later became my initial choice and I was ready to purchase.

Unfortunately, no shops in Al Mariah that sells TV. I needed to buy TV first, because fitting it to my shelf is my deciding factor (Shallow, I know).

Madinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi

I checked Lulu in Madinat Zayed but they don't have smaller TVs and the prices are less attractive than the one's we saw already. I went out the department store and head on to the small shops inside the Madinat.

I found less than Dirhams 20 from the package I saw in Al Mariah Mall in one shop, so I settled in with the offer. But still, I have to find a TV.

Checked KM Trading, still inside Madinat Zayed and found a 24-inch LG LED TV for Dirhams 500. Time was of the essence, It's already 7PM. So I checked-out with the nice TV.

Head back to the supposed shop for the console, but lost our way there. So ended up in another shop, we were asked to pay Dirhams 1,120, we would've not taken it if he did not give the 20 less.

The New Property

Final Fantasy PS4 Game Disc

I went home with a Sony PS4 Slim 1TB, a Final Fantasy XV game disc, and a 24-inch LG LED TV for a total of Dirhams 1,600. There goes the plane ticket fare.

The Setup and the First few Game Overs

I kept my cool. I was never a gamer yet I have this excitement to feed my eyes with the marvel of Playstation. At some point, I had a little regret.

I ask to borrow my friend's Uncharted to continue what I left from her PS4. The game is so action-packed and i cannot keep up with the guns. Not my kind of game.

I had a terrible start with FFXV, and in general I don't have a good coordination with the controller, especially the camera joystick. However, I liked the graphics. I thought it was fun to see pictures from friends online about their FFXV gameplays. I on the other hand struggled.

Few gaming nights and I am on my level 20 with FFXV. Yes, I did like it after getting to know the basics. But I still hate and have never tried going in the sword in the cave, or maybe tonight.

So go ahead and look for your best deals around town and treat yourself with what you deserve.


  1. A PS4 is a good investment with the great game play resolution. I'm sure you'll have a blast and glad you were able to find one in your budget range.

    1. Im starting to get bored, maybe another game will save me.

  2. Congratulations for scoring a deal. I'm a Final Fantasy fan too but haven't tried XV due to my work schedule (busy). But I do play Exvius and Mobius Final Fantasy with my smartphone while at work hehehe. You should try them too :)

    1. Oh are they that good as well?I mean, I was only introduced to FF (15) when I found it out on Facebook.

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  4. I`m not sure but I think PS4 is more inexpensive there than in my country. Do you have taxes in goods and commodities in UAE?

    ❀ Grace ❀

    1. There are no taxes in the UAE, well at least that's how they let people perceive it. The fees are in a different name.

  5. My husband and I both love playing video games, but lately our PS4 has been more of a media console than for playing (at least for us!). Once a week, I make it a point for me and the boys to play LEGO Marvel and unlock some characters. It's a great investment!


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