Cheap Souvenir Items in Abu Dhabi

Most people living in UAE are expatriates, from different corners of the world.  And some are tourists that want to see the tallest skyscraper-- Burj Khalifa.

Souvenir items are one way of collecting trophies from places you've been. And in Abu Dhabi, there are a lot of shops you can stroll around to take home token and bits of the culture and heritage of the 'Arabian Jewel'.

Cheap Souvenir Items in Abu Dhabi

Cheap Souvenir Items in Abu Dhabi

While it's accessible from where I live, Hamdan Street offers a wide-range of shops, from lavish jewelry to fine home decors. Discount shops appears to be dominating the area as well, namely Gift Towers, Gift Land, Greenhouse, and a lot more. You'll find it very easily as their promotional banners are less of a design but more on the 'discount' keyword.

Cheap key-chains for your friends. Abu Dhabi souvenir items.

Cheap Abu Dhabi souvenirs in Hamdan Street.

Cheap Abu Dhabi souvenir items

Prices starts from 2USD, and they're already delightful to be given to friends who are also fond of collectibles. Some I have noticed, that they don't look locally made, some are mass-produced somewhere else.

Cheap Souvenir Items in Abu Dhabi

Get these in Abu Dhabi discount shops.

Abu Dhabi souvenirs.

If you look hardly, you'll find bargains for your home decor. Most designs are worked around gold or even just the color gold. It's a display of extravagant artistry of the Arab world.


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