Why Dubai is a leader in Digital World

Dubai in United Arab Emirates is the first city to have a typeface-- Dubai Font. A collaboration by Dubai and Microsoft that aims to allow people to express themselves. It is available in Latin and Arabic characters and in 23 languages.

It is designed with a mindset of modernity and heritage. Now, every government institution will showcase the typeface and promote UAE as one of the leading country in terms of digital innovations.

The font will also be available on Office 365 productivity suite.

Anyone can use this digital art as long as they register and agree on the terms.



The government of Dubai wants everyone to freely use the font family in writing their thoughts or even use it for commercial or any artform.

The high quality design of the typeface enables everyone to use it in any form and have a better readability and typography.


"A typeface is a family of fonts (very often by the same designer). Within a typeface there will be fonts of varying weights or other variations. E.g., light, bold, semi-bold, condensed, italic, etc. Each such variation is a different font" -nerdplusart.com
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Dubai and the rest of UAE has once again proved their commitment to global competitiveness. In this digital age, it is beneficial that culture and heritage will be represented and reminded to the younger generation.

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  1. Very interesting how a city can have its own trademarked font. I wonder when Manila will have its own. I wish I can travel to Dubai soon to be able to experience the theme parks there.

  2. Great move by Dubai to have their own font and typeface. It's also nice to know the difference of a typeface and a font.

  3. Wow I want my very own font too. But Dubai is seriously so ahead of its time, can't wait to visit.

  4. Interesting! A font for a city?!! That's unusual!!! Gonna download it and check it out!!!

  5. It's another move by Dubai to be more globally competitive and renowned. It's also nice to have one official font for all the government agencies for unity. I love how the font looks so clean and streamlined.

  6. How fascinating! I've never heard of a country getting its own font.

  7. It's just amazing how Dubai has become a world class country. The development they've done in the past decades were awesome. And having their own font is simply cute.

  8. This is a good thing to do for countries, have a font they can be identified with. This can be a part of their overall branding.


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