Ghost in the Shell • Bored Review

Scarlett Johansson stars in this 2017 take of the 90's cyberpunk action anime-- Ghost in the Shell.
Updated 7/5/17.

Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell movie
Impressive cyborg stunt by Scarlett Johansson

The story almost resembles the puppet master in the old anime movie, but I wish it was more based on how Kusanagi was rescued and raised without even being born from her mother's womb.

I was left unsatisfied with Scarjo's portrayal of Major, because I have been watching the anime about a month ago, and Kusanagi's domineering personality was not played enough. Well, even in the two different sets of anime series, there were two different Motoko personalities as far as I have observed.

Ghost in the Shell Anime - Motoko Kusanagi
Major Motoko Kusanagi
Major Motoko Kusanagi, from the set of movies and series in the anime, she is recklessly strong; she's ahead of the game, with a plan within plans; and she follows her instinct like as she says 'Just a whisper. I hear it in my ghost'.

Furthermore, there was a bit of alteration from the anime.

I like the inhuman moves Major does during her hand to hand combat with the enemies. It's believable than most martial-arts movie.

The fight scene after the chase of an infected human cyborg.
The fight scene after the chase of an infected human cyborg.
The 2017 live action movie directed by Rupert Sanders fell less than 50% in Rotten Tomatoes and I couldn't agree more. Although the setting and the CGI's were satisfactory, the story felt shallow and non-conforming to the original Ghost in the Shell origins.

ghost in the shell scene
Victoria harbor?

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I thought that there were more that they can do with the story to compliment the impressive set-up. I felt limited with almost indoor scenes, I wanted to see more of the "Hongkong" city skyline and the out of this world vastness of the mega freeways.

Score: 2.5/5

I love Ghost in the Shell, they did not ruin it but could have been better on the story. I have always been in love with Scarlett Johansson, and she did well. I don't know the other cast anyways. Well it's my review, maybe you can share me what you think.

The Anime Origin

ghost in the shell anime
From LEFT to RIGHT -- Borma weapons and bomb disposal specialist; Saito tactical sniper; Batou ex-ranger, lead investigator; Kusanagi the main protagonist; Aramaki the Section 9 chief; Togusa almost full human, lead investigator; Ishikawa covert intelligence and information warfare specialist; Paz deep-cover infiltration specialist

 Ghost in the Shell is originally a Japanese Seinen Manga in 1989 which was later on adapted to anime by animation studio Production GI.

Seinen is a type of manga in Japan which is targetted to adolescent boys and adult men.

This is the story of Major Motoko Kusanagi who leads the counter-cyber-terrorist organization Section-9.

I was first introduced to Ghost in the Shell back in college when I tried to search for a good and crunch worthy anime. Next to Paprika, I saw this cyberpunk-themed anime. Back then, I had no idea what feminism was, but now, after watching GOIT, it became more familiar..

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Ghost in the Shell has been adapted to anime series and movies. The original series and movies were so well narrated and well presented that I like it better than The Matrix. Because back in the days, Neo was "The One" and it was almost cyberpunk.

I watched the anime in the following order: The Arise Border Series; then the Innocence movie; then found out there was a Stand Alone Complex (SAC) series which I almost got lost because of the differences between the Japanese and American release; then the new movie. I found out there was an OVA series which I couldn't find any online streaming sources anymore. Finally, I watched also the Laughing Man movie.

For a week I was obsessed with Major, I find the story well written and well imagined. It's not too far away that we will walk along cyborgs and AI equipped robots.


  1. I watched the original anime a decades ago already. I was too young that time. I must re-watch the original anime to see the comparison and how much the westernized movie is westernized.

  2. I have not watched this movie before or the original, after reading your review Inwill now add it to my watch list as it sounds interesting.

  3. I'm truly not familiar with this movie, but I admire how honest you are in giving review. You really know what to write, since you give proper judgement base on the movie you have watched. I might check this movie as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  4. I liked this film when I saw it. I watched the anime after I watched the live action film, and I see how interpretations have changed. Anyhow the focus of the story is not exactly the same. I liked how they did the fight on the shallow pool scene. Too bad they did not use the San Miguel Beer they used in the anime though.

  5. I liked this film when I saw it. I watched the anime after I watched the live action film and saw how they changed up the storyline. I did like how they remade some key scenes like the fight on the shallow pool. Too bad they did not use the San Miguel beer this time though.

    1. Yes!!! The San Miguel Beer! The original creators of Ghost in the Shell really wanted a detailed futuristic hongkong. And SMB is included because of its fame in the city.

  6. I too love Scarlet Johansson. Interesting that you found that the story is similar to an old anime movie you saw! Too bad its not upto the mark with only 2.5 of 5!

  7. It looks like the anime was far better than the movie. It's really hard to match the original show.

  8. I think that they shouldn't have changed anything from the anime if the movie wouldn't be an improvement or an advancement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts anyway.

  9. Too bad that the film got just a 2.5 rating. It was interesting to know about its Anime origin. I look forward to watching the movie myself.

  10. I watched this movie just for Scarlett Johansson. The movie is so so and quite predictable.

  11. ive not heard of ghost in the shell before. i always believe that animus shouldn't be made into live action movies


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