UAE's Stricter Traffic Fines, of course, it's for your own good!

Stricter Traffic Fines have just been updated and is effective since July 1 in United Arab Emirates.

This will remind drivers to be more careful and avoid unnecessary suspension and fees.

A video from Gulf News surfaced on Facebook showing an information presentation about the major violations and its penalties.

How black points work. Black points are issued against your license for serious traffic offences. The validity of black points last for one calendar year and get cancelled at the end of it. In other words, the black points you accumulated the previous year disappear after 12 months and you get to start with a clean driving license. However, breaching the 24-point limit in this 12-month period results in your driving license being confiscated for the following periods of time: Three months confiscation after the first traffic violation. Six months confiscation after the second traffic violation. Twelve months confiscation after the third traffic violation, and the driver must pass a driving course at a driving school under the authority of the emirate where the third violation was committed. - source:

Texting While Driving

Dh 800.00 Fine and 4 Black Points

Driving Dangerously

Dh 2000.00 Fine and 60 days confiscation
It is even possible that you can be imprisoned for this recklessness.

Overtaking on the hard shoulder

Dh 1000.00 Fine and 6 Black Points

Blocking Traffic

Dh 1000.00 Fine

Sudden Swerving

Dh 1000.00 Fine

Car tint with over 50%

Dh 1500.00 Fine

Not Renewing Vehicle Registration

Dh 500.00 Fine and Confiscation for 7days (If Expired for over 3 months)

Children in the Front Seat

Dh 400.00 Fine and 4 Black Points

Failure to Fasten Seat Belt while Driving

Dh 400.00 and 4 Black Points

Exceeding Driving Speed Limit

up to Dh 3000.00 Fine, 23 Black Points, and Confiscation for 60days

DUI of Alcohol

Decided by Court, 23 Black points and Confiscation for 90 days

Jumping a Red Light

Dh 1000.00 Fine, 12 Black Points, and Confiscation for 30days

Driving a Car without a Number Plate

Dh 3000.00 Fine, 23 Black Points, and Confiscation for 90 days

Read more here to know 200+ of new traffic violations, fines, and black points:

Even if you can afford to pay the fines, life is priceless and precious and can never be taken back regardless of how filthy rich you are. Be safe always.


  1. Our country has just implemented this kind of traffic rule. It is sanctioned under Anti-Distracted Law. Any motorists caught texting, calling while driving would be fined accordingly. To be exact this was imposed May 18. I don't know if there are some who have already been caught and fined violating this law.

  2. We also disallowed texting while driving. This are really meant for our own safety.

  3. That's a very good rule! Its better to be safe than sorry! Stricter rules, implemented well are always much better...

  4. Wow, this is truly a brilliant idea for having this kind of rules. Most of the drivers at present are really hard headed and violators. In this way, they will be disciplined. I like how you elucidated everything in here, it is very clear and straight to the points. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  5. I think it is much needed! Traffic rules and its implementation save so many lives.

  6. I wonder how are the rules different from the ones in Singapore (we have very strict rules too). But as I haven't learnt how to drive, I won't really be able to tell the difference~


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