PS4 Abzu, A Result of Stress, Excitement, and Compulsiveness

Cover art of Abzu
Abzu was a free game for Playstation Plus during May 2017 if I'm not mistaken. It's suppose to entertain you through underwater exploration.

I did not read a lot about how it is, I guess there is nothing to do read about it when there is little to write about. At a price of AED10 more than the bargained Horizon Zero Dawn, this is a waste of money.

abzu bought in hamed center abu dhabi
My copy of Abzu which I bought from Hamed Center in Abu Dhabi

I thought that I would be entertained and lifted from my weary sales occupation, but instead it worried me about the money I spent on it. Well, if I had to charge it with experience, I can let it pass, anyways I won a Dragon Quest 2 from Shooting Stars Game which was more interactive.

Dragon Quest 2
I actually won a copy of this from Shooting Star Games in UAE

About Dragon Quest 2, no offense, thanks Shooting Stars Game, but it's not for me. I have played the likes of Final Fantasy and Nier Automata, and the corny-filled kiddie dialogue didn't quite hooked me.

This Abzu game was a result of my intense self frustration arising from work pressure. I thought that because it doesn't have much to be pressured about and I have curiosity of what is in the deepest of the oceans, I can divert my mind from the pimple-producing-work-stress and dive into wonders. Because I could have bought HZD which was on my list 2 month ago.

So this afternoon, I bought it just because I suddenly wanted to buy it.

Literally, I played it about 2 hours or less than that.

The graphics is an absolute art, not a real life rendering of fishes, wales, and sharks, but was mesmerizing on how the colors and school of fishes swim towards and around you. By the way, you play as a robot, you wouldn't know it until you get to some point.

I've read IGN's review, and they said moving around is easy. I say, what? I have bad coordination I would say, no way this pro game reviewers would screw up.

There was a story of which is unclear but mysterious, until you decide that you have understood it, any other way. Spoiler, the shark lived.

I wish I can just go back to the store where I bought the game from and swap it with Horizon Zero Dawn. Or maybe I'll add this up to my growing collection of PS4 games. Like, I have a total of 4 games now, yes!

Mini Review Score - 3/10

Not worth as a single purchase. An awesome freebie for Playstation Plus Subscribers. Wonderful artisry. No Clear Story. It's an exploration 'game' but was too little too short for me.


  1. I have never tried playing RPG or any form of the computer games but I only enjoy watching those playing them. Our younger son is so addicted of this game, the RPG. He has bought lots of those games and he plays alone in his laptop. I am not aware of what those games he is playing.

  2. I do not play Playstation games, not do I encourage my kids to play lest it interferes with their schoolwork. I guess it is ok since it is free, but not worth to buy.

  3. Awww, i feelnsad about your review. Sounds like wasted money. Anyhow, thanks for sharing, will inform my brother about this. 😊

  4. Share some of the images /graphics from the game! I don't usually play consoles, so thank goodness I'm not missing out.

    1. I will do that, I was blogging from my phone while at work so I dont have my images with me.

  5. Thanks God I never had bought this!

  6. I've never been a fan of video game and hardly played any! Too bad the game was so bad!!!

  7. 3/10 only? Guess it's ain't interesting as it looks like...

    1. Artistry was fabulous but gameplay, eh, less of a gameplay actually.

  8. Ouch!! I feel sad on your story. I have never tried playing PS4 or computer games. I do not encourage my kids to play this kind of game.


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